Fish Balls

Taste is delicious and appetizing for both large size and small size, typical of authentic original.
The meatball has sweet and salty taste, bouncy and no fishy smell. It’s suitable for eating with seafood sauce.


Fried Fish Bar

Characteristics of fried fish bar is white flat line and nice smell, is one of best selling with fish ball.
It is snack, suitable for eating with sea food sauce, noodle soup with fish ball or Yen-ta-fo etc.
Our fried fish bar is big size, not dry and bouncy.
Unlike other places, we confirm.


Fish Roll

fish fry,tastes mellow, is a best selling with fish ball.
If you want to taste the original fish dumplings, you won’t disappoint.


Egg Noodle

Egg noodles is flat line and soft.
Suitable for all ages.
Already eaten like going back to 14 years old.

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