About nearly 80 years ago, the Lim Lao Sa restaurant was established by Laosa Saelim. She came from China and decided to stay and work in Thailand. “Lao Sa” means Third Brother in Teochew. At the beginning she was both the owner and chef of the restaurant, but the economy was bad at that time. Later, Laosa opened another restaurant on Song Wat road near the Ratchavongse pier, where she started selling fried noodles with pork and broccoli at 3 bath per bowl. After that, she thought that if she made fish balls, fried fish bars and fish dumplings Thai people would love it. Her idea was to use only meat from swordfish and yellowtail fish, which she would mince using a knife. Overtime, the economy made her raise prices. Currently, the second generation is Pavita Boriboonchaisiri, business successor of the Lim Lao Sa restaurant instead of the father. Our production methods “We produce clean, safe, non-toxic fish balls, fried fish bars and fish dumplings made 100% with fish meat". The Lim Lao Sa restaurant now participates in events such as weddings, ordination ceremonies, birthday parties, merit-making, etc.


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